Do you want to have all the GOSTO you want in summer 2023?

We know that once you receive your GOSTO you will not stop still, and that your adventures will be yours alone... However, there is always a "but", and that is that we would love to see some of them, the ones you choose , the ones that can be seen :).We want to see your "GET BUSY LIVING"!

This summer we propose that you upload some of your GOSTO adventures to social networks, however and whenever you want. Of course, if you want to participate in the drawyou must mention us (@living_gosto). RememberIf you have a private account, remember to send it to us by DM.


  1. Record or photograph your adventures and experiences GOSTO.
  2. Upload them to Instagram (Post or IG stories) or tik tok tagging us. If you send us the file by DM (@living_gosto) we will have it more controlled for the draw.
  3. Keep living new adventures and repeat the sequence as many times as you want, so you will have more options.
  4. Do all the superstitions you have to be a Winner.


The GOSTO summer contest will last all summer 2022 (until 09/30/2022).


The winner or winners (in case of being a group) will be chosen by TEAM GOSTO for its originality, adventure and 'Gostera fun' at its best. It will also be the first GOSTERO of summer 2023 and they will haveFREE TASTE OF ALL THE MODELS THAT WANT.

Terms and Conditions

1. The photograph or video has to be uploaded to the personal networks of real profiles. These profiles must be followers of @living_gosto and have purchased a model from summer 2022.

2. The same content can be uploaded in different accounts but it will only count your participation if @living_gosto is tagged.

3. The winner will be chosen by TEAM GOSTO, evaluating its originality, fun and the most 'Gostero' moment. Let yourself go...

4. The prize is unlimited only for the winner. You will have a TASTE of each model to choose for your size (maximum 3 models). In case you win a group of friends you can distribute them.

5. All rights are reserved to GOSTO.